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more Oklahoma

Oklahoma was at first bucolic; gentle rolling hills occasionally spotted with a red barn here and there. The road itself was red dirt and sometimes covered with kudzu, but all quite beautiful. The openness was welcome after the sort of claustrophobic woods of the Ozarks. Even the dogs seemed friendlier; at one point a blue tick healer ran along road side with me in a very playful manner just happy to have the company I guess. We now had cows sharing the dirt roads. Ran over a small snake. Stayed in Pryor, cheap hotel, ate really bad mexican food. Feliz, our waitress, had raised herself after her parent's wild ways led her to being raised by another who tried to sell her into prostitution. She is going to school to study criminal justice while waiting tables. She thought a 6 dollar tip was a big deal. Made me grateful for my blessed upbringing.
It rained hard that night, for a long time. Just the week before was when the huge tornado killed 24 residents of Moore.
Next morning Adv riders John Martin? and a KIWI named Joe. John bought us breakfast and gave us the lay of the land. He said "Do Not get on trail west of Bartlesville, this rain will make the mud impassable.

We rode dirt to get to Bartlesville but is was quickly becoming a slip and slide and skies were getting more and more ominous.

When we finally made it into Bartlesville, the sky was getting really dark and kinda greenish.

Even thought we'd only ridden for a couple hours it was time to hunker down.

Yet another storm system which included more tornados. Meteorologist Mike Bettes was chasing the monster rain-wrapped tornado near El Reno, Okla. when he says the storm picked up the heavy chase SUV and threw it an estimated 200 yards.
We found out the following Monday that a Weather channel reporter/stormchaser guy died. This was serious stuff.Not a good place for three heavily laden bikes.
And the forecast was days and days of this in Tornado alley.
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