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With the same Tornado prone weather brewing up every afternoon, and having been warned of inevitable mud pit TAT roads.... we were left with watching bad T.v. in a $80 per day hotel or get outta dodge and uh dodge the storms.

Slabbing it isn't anybody's first choice but we had to choose safety and we needed to get quite a ways west to get out of tornado alley, So we headed to Liberal Kansas.

But first a quick stop in Ponca City for travis to get a tire. I should see if the Cycles East guys who rode the TAT backwards want to run the TAT on one of these:

In Forgan, Oklahoma this nice woman took a shine to us. A local teenager was in the convenience store and when he left he told her he loved her. I asked if he was her grandkid. she said "no, but I am close with all the kids here" Refreshing when most kids his age are trying to be gansta tough.

Liberal has limited charm:
For some rason there's this big Wizard of Oz thing there. It's weird.

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