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Originally Posted by TALLGUY View Post
I think that pulling into a HD dealer and finding them to have the correct size tire, actually taking you out of service order (especially on an off brand bike) and removing, mounting, balancing (Sort of) and replacing in 30 minutes during the busiest month of the year for that amount of money makes you fortunate.

I get that over years some of us have been privileged to work with great (and cheap) service deparments but in todays world of people not even changing their own oil, you are luck to not need to wait a week for help.

Good reminder that leaving some tread on the old tire is better than trying to get every last bit out of it.

Glad you caught the tread loss before you wrecked, I found a guy one day who didn't.

I get paying full retail for the tire but to be charged 1.2 hours labor for a 30 minute job, and then paying for balancing and wheel weights when they didn't even take it near the machine is ridiculous. I was thankful to get the tire swapped, just not so happy about the reaming at the till. A shop should be fair and honest if they want to build a relationship with its customers. I math rough there several times a year but now instead of stopping in to pick up the odd supply, I'll make extra sure I'm prepared so that I don't have to stop there for anything. I'll make sure everyone I know does the same.
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