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Hey man, welcome to the obsession and good on you for finding the greatest motorcycle resource much earlier in your motorcycling career than I did!

I have two pieces of advice:

#1. The search function here generally sucks....unless that is you want to search a specific thread for something relevant. For some reason the "search this thread" feature works great. I don't ask I just accept

Otherwise if you want to search all of ADVRider for something (a bike, specific piece of gear, etc.) type this into Google: WhatIAmLookingFor

#2. Buy used! What you want and how you ride are probably at least a bit different then what you think right now. There are SO many factors that go into this: what you actually end up enjoying, individual bike ergonomics, where and what your buddies ride, etc.

Just watch the market and don't get taken on your first bike (it's OK to bring a friend!) As long as that purchase goes OK you can always sell that bike (or keep it!) and get the bike you know you will want and need after you get some experience.

Good luck man. I hope your experience is as fulfilling as mine has been.
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