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I recently discovered WVa County road maps online:

These maps are free & suprisingly useful for DS riding. Prior to finding these maps much of my WVa off road riding resulted in dead ends - even with a Garmin GPS. The problem with Garmin street mapping (in WVa & elsewhere) is that I can't tell what's actually routable vs. a hiking trail or private road closed to motor vehicles.

These WVa county maps changed that. The WVa County maps correlate pretty well w/ Garmin's City Navigator. Using these maps & a Garmin GPS, a friend & I recently navigated across WVa (from Va to Ohio) w/ 85% of the route off road. I only got off route a couple times & had to turn around. Without the aid of the County maps, I probably would have had to turn around 100 times.

The WVa maps differentiate 6 different qualities of dirt roads (from "impassable" to "gravel or stone". Unlike county gravel roads in Virginia, some of the hills on lower quality WVa "primitive" or "unimproved" roads would require knobbys to navigate in the wet. The maps also indicate USFS and private roads. Good Stuff.
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