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Now, according to the blurb, the hot position will reduce the temp by 18F and the cold position will reduce the temp by 36F but it seems on a bike with temp measured in Celcius the temp is adjusted by 18C and 36C which I think is probably a bit much. On the cold setting I think the bike is running too rich, it will almost idle off the mark in 1st gear with no throttle. I think I will just leave mine on the hot setting all year round.
No, it doesn't work like that, the target values are...

18F / 10C offset when switched to HOT (adds less fuel to map)

36F / 20C offset when switched to COLD (adds more fuel to map)

It doesn't matter if your display is set to show C or F these devices work the same, ie add the same percentage of fuel to the open loop map.
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