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This is the surrounding area of Old Camden Cemetery.

In front along Mount Ephraim Avenue are railroad tracks and behind that somewhere is I-676, where
the billboards are, which leads to the Ben Franklin Bridge into Philadelphia, off to the right.

This is the PATCO High Speed Line that runs from Lindenwald, NJ to Philadelphia, PA.

Behind that is a set of tracks for freight.

This is Mount Ephraim Avenue looking North.

Note the lady on the right selling clothes off of the fence of Old Camden Cemetery.

She started setting up as we were looking around.

Along the north side of the cemetery is the Salvation Army behind the overgrown cemetery fence.
No pictures of the overgrown fence ! Sorry !!!

This is the other end of the cemetery along Haddon Avenue.

I am sure you noticed the building in the background with the unique paint scheme!

The right side had been painted over for some reason.

This is along the south side of the cemetery along Mount Vernon Street.

I have no idea ! Perhaps those Myans were Macho !

I don't think he is a Myan !!!

I don't know what this was, but it looked like a giant rubber termite !

Why anyone would make a giant rubber termite is beyond me !

And I wasn't going to touch it to find out !!!

Poor old tree looked like it had been used as a BBQ.
You can see some of the Salvation Army building in the background.

Off across Mount Vernon Street it looks like they tore down some brick buildings.

That is the side where the Quaker Meeting House was located, where Macho Myans is.
It is said that the old Meeting House was torn down to build a toilet factory,
which these buildings, and the Macho Myan building seemed to be a part of.

The entrance gate off of Mount Ephraim Avenue.

At the foot of this grave it says AT REST.

So not everything looked so bleak !


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