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Originally Posted by Navin View Post
For a few K more you can get a brand new 2014 V6 6 speed with 305 HP that won't leak, bubble rust the paint, wobble down the road or break down every 2k miles. At least not yet or for 25 years!

My buddy was looking at a 66 vert and I steered him to a new 06 V6 vert. Says it was the best automotive move he ever made, and the 66 would have been the worst.

My son bought a "stripper" 14 V6, it is an all around nicer and better car than my 03 Mach 1, except for torque. The AC is incredible, the handling is better stock than mine with mods, the dash doesn't shake like it isn't bolted down, it goes on and on. Mine has 24,000 miles!!!

The 4.56 gears in my Mach are nasty, but when he gets 4.10 in the V6, he will have an awesome package with lower highway RPM than mine from the wide ratio 6 speed. The new structure from 05 up is just great.

As great as the older cars look, they are still a 60s Falcon under the fenders!
Agreed. That's why the old Mustang I dreamed of owning for 30 years turned into the purchase of an 08 GT500. I couldn't be happier with my choice. I don't have to do anything more than put gas in it, drive it, clean it once in a while, and enjoy it.
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