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I went through college with a 65 Mustang, a car that I have always loved ever since my uncle got a new red fastback in 65. Always been my favorite car...especially the fastback.

However, even though I have had several chances to own another one over the last 20 years, I haven't pulled the trigger. I don't believe I ever will. In truth, as much as I have fond memories of my Mustang, it was really a piece of s**t car, that was basically worn out at 100K. A major part of that was the rust that the car was not prepared to resist when built. Today's cars do everything better and last much much longer as well.

The real question for me becomes....Am I willing to spend that much money on a toy that looks killer, but doesn't drive, ride, handle, or last anywhere near what I can get for less money?

Me? I take that 16K and either buy a couple more bikes OR look at a more modern car that will do EVERYTHING better than the 'Stang. One that I could also take on a road trip and not worry about breaking down. One that I could just enjoy DRIVING.
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