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Originally Posted by azkiwi View Post
Athletes are in a crossover zone between 'normal' highly paid people and entertainers. The lawyer, executive or hedge funder needs the massive payout for bragging rights among his peers, but the entertainer wants to be famous. Those craving fame wake up everyday thinking about how they can be more famous, not just richer (see Paris Hilton).

Rossi already has the money (and peer respect) so he is working on his legacy. That's why he went to Ducati in the first place - right?

If Yamaha offered him the #1 rider position, he would do it for free.

Good points, but Rossi will never ride for free as long as he is competitive.

He couldn't continue riding around the back on a Ducati, if for no other reason than the money would eventually dry up.

He's already better than Spies was on that bike and he's still gaining on it. Looking forward to a few more big battles out of him.
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