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On a separate note I once heard of a guy riding the TAT in about a week (6-7 days). Does this seem doable? The videos I've seen of Utah make me believe that it would not be possible to ride it that fast. I'd love to ride the whole thing but I don't have 30 days to devote to it. I can only get about half that many days for it. I've begrudgingly come to the conclusion that I'll have to half of it one year and the other half the next.

Myself and a buddy are starting the TAT in early September. We have 16 days to get from Vermont through Colorado and back to Vermont. We plan to try and finish it up a year or 2 after. We are going to ride the eastern section as fast as possible so we can do some trail ridding out in CO before having to head back.

I imagine that if you have a light bike, your navigation dialed, a willingness to ride at night and very good dirt ridding skills then you could do the whole TAT in a week. From what I have seen there is nothing "terribly" technical on the western section. I think for us navigation will be what is going to slow us down. We are going to try and ride everything without GPS we also have zero roll chart experience but we are both good with maps and quick to learn.
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