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I finally went over a construction curb

Where I live the DOT is paving sections of an 8 lane highway lane by lane. Before laying down the new asphalt they have to tear up the old asphalt, and due to what I perceive to be incompetence (in addition to other contributing clues) they are leaving several lanes of asphalt several inches lower than the next lane. Just a 90 degree, 3 or so inch curb. Many times I have been doing 70mph, trapped in this lower lane too frightened to go over the curb and change into the next lane.

I always assumed that if you hit it hard and steep enough the bike would go right over it, I mean obviously I can't change lanes at highway speed at 90 degrees, but always in my mind I have feared that I would wipe out. I guess I finally built up enough courage because using the entire width of my line I hit that f***er as hard and perpendicular as I could, standing slightly and we went right over it. Had to be going 75mph. I feel accomplished
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