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Originally Posted by 1920BSMK1SV View Post
Well I ordered a M72DX sidecar from DMC sidecars last Oct 2012 and now its July 2013 and I have asked to cancel the order as I think waiting 10 months is a bit crap :(
A pitty in a way I did want one to go on my then 2012 R1200GSA Triple Black (now sold) and I have a new 2013 R1200GSA 90th which when I bought that in march was going to fit the DMC sidecar on :( sadlly no reply of DMC and so 10 months on canceled order
I don't know how long you good folks in the USA wait for a DMC sidecar ? but in the good ole UK we can get one in 3 to 4 weeks from Squire watsonian sidecars I know 3 to 4 weeks that's to long to wait I want one yesterday :)
So good luck with anyone who bought a DMC rig ? sidecar :) I hope your enjoying yours
Slightly Annoyed Brit :(
Sorry to hear that. Timelines can vary for all sidecar manufacturers. We have never set a drop dead due date but have also never had a dissatisfied customer that I know of. I would,, personally, rather say a far out date and come in earlier with delivery than visa versa. Right now we are probably out around 4 months with our own sidecars.

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