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Originally Posted by Dranrab Luap View Post
If sidewalk bicycling and avoidance of a traffic control device are illegal in my area and I cut across a parking lot and use the sidewalk for a short stretch to let traffic behind me vent, is that a valid reason? If I did this I would do it with caution and yield to any pedestrians.

Here's the scenario. A busy 4 lane road divided by a canal. The lanes are not wide enough to accommodate a bike and a car. I approach it from a side street. The street I want to be on is directly across the canal. My options are to catch a break in traffic and ride against traffic for about 100 feet on my side, cut across and go against traffic on the other side, then hit my desired street. The way traffic lights are timed, I can do this easily without interfering with vehicular traffic. My other option is to obey all the laws and in doing so I will have to ride in the lane for about a half mile out, u turn and ride a half mile back to get to the other side where the street I want to take is. If I do this I WILL piss motorists off and I will place myself in greater danger.

What should I do?
Use common sense?

We could play "what if" till the end of time and accomplish nothing. There are times and places where most actions are reasonable. The issue isn't about when a choice is reasonable, its when someone feels justified to transgress as a habit because..............
"Reasonable" is when it has no negative impact on others, excuses and justifications are for when something has negitive impact on others and we choose to do it anyway, the only "valid reason" is when its to avoid causing harm or to avoid being harmed

Lets be honest honest with ourselves, when we choose to transgress its to meet our own desires, not for the benefit of mankind.

IMO, the real issue is too many folks have decided they are above the law or make up their own, creating unnecessary conflict which perpetuates yet more bad behavior..
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