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Aran Island

Before I got on the ferry, tho, I bopped up the road to a pub place that had this on the building

I walked in with my helmet and this guy vaulted out of a booth he was having lunch in with his family. He Googled every 70's Honda he owned and he had a gaggle of those suckers, like a cd175. And we got the color schemes too. I was running late and his 3-4 year old son grabbed my helmet, put it on his head and ran screaming out of the pub. Mother gives chase and when she hauls him in I show her a picture of some bike and tell her her husband just bought it. She grabbed a butter knife and waved it at him and said, 'buster, I'm gonna saw your balls off if you get another motorcycle'. Bliss, and this yahoo waved at me on the way out

The ferry had gone almost 100 yards and pulled up to this island, which I couldn't see cause the ramp was raised. When it plunked down we were at this rocky, bouldered beach with a bunch of folks waiting.

I look over my shoulder at the cars behind me and decide that they're going first, like an episode of Top Gear, but the folks were on a Gaelic speaking history tour of this tiny island, they boarded, and we finally arrived at Aran Island

Two lane roads and two bit towns

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