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Originally Posted by Kokopelli View Post
I went for another ride at Woodhill today. It was even better than last time. they keep changing the tracks, so it's always a new experience.

Two downsides were that I lost my sunglasses and also had to switch to reserve on the first run. Although I was keen to hop on an intermediate track, I wasn't so keen to run out of fuel.

The beginners track was pretty rideable on an adventure bike. Not many beginners seem to use it. And the little kid that passed me as I got stuck on a hill due to lack of fuel, had no trouble getting around me. He was on a bike so small, I could have added it to my tool kit.

You really learn how to look where you want to go, as hitting a tree wasn't an option. I didn't fall off, but a laps in concentration saw me take an alternative route once or twice.

I got a couple of strange looks, but since I've stayed out of the "big boy's" tracks, nobody seemed to mind. If you are in Auckland, you should give it a go.

Sounds like fun. I reckon taking a big adv bike out of its and the riders comfort zone is a bloody good way to upskill. Just ask the NADS. Remember them?
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