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Originally Posted by theshnizzle View Post
So when I came out of the Mcdees in Michigan, a lady was standing at my bike,puffing away,and we struck up a conversation about bikes/ riding. While we we talking a group of 6/7 Harley's rode by,all with the loudest pipes possible,effectively drowning us out while they passed.

I commented how much I disliked pipes like that and she quickly rebutted me declaring that " loud pipes DO save lives" because.......her husband had been able to avoid "lots" of crashes by twisting the throttle with the noise from the pipes making front end crashes avoidable.

After my shocked silence I gently suggested that perhaps riding skills and proper gear " yes,we are always safe,we always wear our helmets"..... Might make a suitable replacement for ear splitting pipes,she vehemently disagreed.

Not to mention that I was thinking she may want to think twice about getting on the back of her mans bike....but I digress......

She noted that my pipes were very quiet and to be safe I should put much louder pipes on.

I toyed with the idea of bringing up the mystical powers of a gremlin bell,but I had enough to think about by then.....

I thanked her for her conversation wished her safe and happy riding and quietly rode away,blinkers blinking my intention, flashy brake light doing its flashy thing,high vis stitch,shoulder checking and thankfully was able to safely rejoin the flow of traffic unscathed,upright and in one piece,thank goodness!!!!!!

Cheers Harley rider!

You have interacted with another victim of H.D.'s marketing dept.
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