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Originally Posted by Padmei View Post
Did you notice the bike wanting to fall over sideways when going slow?
I always find Schmidt dropping to the right when slowing down for an obstacle or very tight turn. I put it down to the centrifugal gyroscopical effect.

Are you gonna come down for the cape to cape? We really should all meet up there and talk about cams, pipe tobacco, tartan vs sheepskin slippers etc.
Real tight corners are a problem, but if I hang out my derriere far enough it's ok. I must be getting better at it, as I wasn't getting as hot as last time, even though it was warmer. I've learnt that I have to accelerate down steep sandy bits and to do a lot of the steering by shifting my weight.

I ride mainly standing up. Sitting down and sticking a leg out wasn't really working with all those trees around and some sections were really deeply undulated. When I first did this sort of stuff, my knees felt like they were going to popp, after a few km as I used to be way too tense.

But if you picture me riding, think slow motion, not Chris Birch.

All going well, I'll do at least part of the Cape to Cape. It's the panic time of the year for me, but a change of scenery will be good.

Personally, I prefer felt slippers, mine have Edelweiss on them.
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