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Possibly so, though it would be optimistic to hope to make up positions on the prime tire when everyone else is on the option.

It will be a simple waiting game. And the gamble is that the option teams will have to pit before the lead equals or surpasses the pit delta time. And even if Ferrari then inherit with the lead, they'll have to be fast enough to hold the it while the other teams emerge on fresh tires.

I guess it will be somewhere between laps 10-20 (more likely, 10-16) when we'll find out if Ferrari's gamble has worked.

That should favor Ferrari. The prime is said to be about 1 second a lap slower. 16 laps is roughly 16 seconds, not allowing for tire degradation. I don't know what the pit delta is for Nurburgring, but it might be close to 20-25 seconds.

It's gonna be close.

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