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We have all watched the wildlife shows which show the huge swarms of birds or fish or wilderbeast. We have all seen how the predators which feed off those large masses pick off the outer runners or the sick or old etc.
We might call that luck but I have often wondered if the animal staying at the centre of the pack is maybe a bit smarter than the one running on the outside?
But the Emperor Penguins stand in a huddle to keep warm and they change places periodically so that they share the outside position. Maybe the birds do it too, all taking turns to be on the exposed edge?
Not relevant? maybe not.
59 soon, 2 majors on road, 1974 and earlier this year. Still alive and riding though so thats something!
But, in each of my cases, had I been trying harder to concentrate, be prepared for the unexpected or (god forbid) slow down a bit, then they likely would not have happened. Or would they, simply because I was out there----------
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