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Originally Posted by 802mike View Post
Maybe it's been discussed before in this thread. If it has, I can't find it with
the "sucky search". And, I'm not bored enough to read every post in it.

I noticed that the new GS only puts out 5?? watts compared to the old one's
7?? watts.
I figured that's because of the LED lights so it doesn't need all that extra power.
One thing that always drew me back to BMW was the gadget power. I like lots of
gadget power!!!
It's a fair point especially If you don't have the LED lights. Even with the LED lights your probably only saving 40w compared to halogen. I have no idea how much if any they have saved on the electronics front but I would seriously doubt they have save another 100 odd watts to make the systems equal.
To make a proper comparison BMW would need to publish power consumption figures and I can't recall seeing this although I have seen it for the hexheads.
Maybe someone can put a meter on theirs and let us know?
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