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Ref Rossi,

he's paid his tax fines, got his yacht(s) , ferrari's, etc etc enough in the bank to whatever he wants and yet on his weekend off he is racing with friends , peers etc.

I reckon the guy would race for absolutely nothing. Would he get enough through endorsements yep he would. Millions.

He sits in business class in aircraft where first class is available and reads friggin motobike magazines in a hoody with his mates sippin a beer.

My personal opinion is that he is not money driven.......anymore, (he may have been but i think he simply loves the industry). The smart-ass goofey kid who loves to pull a fast one on his mates, he's gotten older but never grown up so to speak.

If MotoGP ceased to exist tomorrow, he would still race, even lawnmowers.

The above is a personal opinion and not meant to aggrevate anyone in this community.
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