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Originally Posted by cjack View Post
580 watts compared to 720 watts. So that's 140 watts less. Or 10 amps less at 14v.
There are only 2 spark plugs instead of 4. So that'll save some. I used to think a normal 2 plug system took about 4 amps, but I kind of doubt that these stick coil systems take that much. Anyway it's a saving there.
Let's say 2 amps.
Halogen headlight bulbs take 4 amps each, but LED headlights (or driving lights) only take 1 amp each.
So that 3 amps each saved for the two headlight bulbs or 6 amps total.
Now we're up to 8 amps saved.
And of course if you use LED driving lights instead of halogen, then you save another 6 amps.
That would be a total of 14 amps saved over what was provided for previously when the high beam was on and the driving lights were being used.
In total, the new bike as a system, has a 4 amp surplus over the old bike when just considering lighting and the ignition system. :)
Can you link to figures for the 1A per headlight? Current figures would have the actual light out put in lumens a fair bit under a normal halogen. Personally I think the LED lights will be neared 3A, more than happy to be proven wrong though.
As I said earlier what if you don't have LED as many don't? They don't come with a bigger alternator to make up for it.
Valid point about the 2 spark plugs that will save a bit but then you have the added synchro throttle bodies and all the other electronic stuff the older bikes don't have.
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