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Myths inside my helmet

Lots of time to think with ear plugs in and a steady drone.

I have developed an algorithim of mileage and speed.

first I noticed I could make the Edmonton to Calgary run on one tank (R12 GS, 200 miles) if I kept it at 65 but not at 75 mph given steady speed, no wind, no stops, no hills, slab the whole way.

Then I made up the 120 rule.

120 - my average speed = miles per gallon for my bike.

example: 120 - 65 = 55 mpg. And 220 mile range
120 - 75= 45 mpg . And 180 mile range

The slower speed lets me skip an exit and gas up, hence my total transit time to Calgary is shorter by going slower (queue the little light bulbs in my brain).

Clearly the Iron butt guys know all about this concept
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