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Originally Posted by stevie88 View Post
Ok kids, today I tried a little experiment. I filled my 2013 Stelvio with E-0 premium in Amarillo for $3.75 per gallon. I could have bought E-10 premium for $3.35. I rode into Amarillo from the south with a strong southerly wind and the bike computer showed 52 mpg on E-10. I reset one of the trip computers after putting almost 8 gallons of E-0 in the tank and continued northward with a continued strong southerly wind. Stopping in Tribune KS for the evening my mileage on E-0 is exactly the same as was the E-10. The final 50 miles or so saw the tail wind abate so I'm willing to give the E-0 a 1 mpg advantage. That means under this very unscientific teats, E-10 is the more economical fuel.

Suck it, bitches.
So once again you have a vehicle that defies the laws of physics, you need to turn all of your vehicles over to a qualified research agency as soon as possible so they can determine how your vehicles can get the same fuel efficiency on fuel that contains less energy potential cause it is worth billions....

Or just admit that your obvious brainwashing by the corn ethanol lobby has blinded you to facts...

The rest of us live in reality where fuel with lower energy potential per volume equals lower efficiency....
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