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Day 4

Riding into Manitoba is like someone hit it with a hammer, totally flat, what a difference from the Ontario side witch is nice and hilly with lots of curves and here absolute nothing. Drove through Winnipeg and started looking for a rest area to camp again, but none to be found for 150 km's, I guess Manitoba wants you to take a camping’s or so, so I pulled into one and asked first, how much, $25 says the owner and me how about $15 it's only a hammock, the owner alright that will be fine and do you want to take a shower with that, holy cow this guy wants to negotiate for a shower, so I tell him it's $15 and I do want that shower or I'm heading back out, alright he says. Looks like this is going to be fun for the rest of the trip, bargain hunting or get ripped.

Fond out that Super Tenere doesn't like regular gas much, only after two fill-ups because they had no super it started making a noise like you would hear when the oil is out on the old rod cam lifter engines (ticking), not constant but at certain revs, makes me wonder if I should bring along some octane booster or not, any of you guys have any experience on that matter, please let me know.

Did come across this cool airplane planted in the middle of town, reminded me of a show called Sky King that I always used to watch as a kid.

Next stop Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan.

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