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I owned a Moto Guzzi V50 Monza way back when. Me N the Spousal Unit were living in south Arlington, TX at the time and my commute was about 20-25 minutes along two major highways. Sunday evening the SU finds me in the garage removing the mufflers off the Guzzi. She asks "what r u doing". I just wanted to hear how the bike would sound... I grinned and told her "loud pipes save lives." She shakes her head and sez your gonna get a ticket.
Coming home Monday evening there is an access road with no connecting roads. About mile long straight. I leave the green twisting the loud handle. wrap the little bugger up in every gear. Stop at the end red light and turn right and again start twisting on the loud handle. Crest the hill about middle of third gear and notice a M/C cop sitting in a side road. Start short shifting and back the noise level way down. The cop pulls me over, DOT's my bike, I still had OK tags on it. He writes me a ticket for no M/C license. (had recently moved to TX from OK). Starts to walk away, turns back and sez, "I heard you from the first green light, put the mufflers back on." He likely would have pulled me over... but the pipes sure drew unwanted attention at the time.
EB I-20 Service Road between Park Springs & Kelly Elliot? APD loves to hang out there & catch speeders. I got nailed in my kid's Mini there shortly after I bought it. I could hear the rice rockets and cruisers both from my house a mile south of there. Personally I prefer the stealth mode of my stock Wee exhaust. I can get away with more if they don't know I'm there...
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