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Originally Posted by Frostback View Post
The slower speed lets me skip an exit and gas up, hence my total transit time to Calgary is shorter by going slower (queue the little light bulbs in my brain).
Have you timed a gas stop to verify this part?

Once upon a time, I and three college buddies drove a van and trailer to New York for a Mini Baja race. On the way there we were able to track mileages over several tanks and gas stop times. On the way back we whipped out the calculators (engineering buddies) and figured out that from 55 up to 75 mph, faster is faster.
At 85 mph our overall speed went down, but so did our expected lifespans (20' poorly loaded box trailer) so we didn't worry about that.

Rochester to Corvallis in 46 hours. Nearly beat the guys who flew back
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