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Originally Posted by ChrisK7 View Post
I like the Givi screen alright. A bit better wind and bug protection than the stock screen. I'm also 6'.
I just did a little run up into WA state today on the SMT. Went from Umatilla to Goldendale on some back road twisties. I don't usually spend too much time in WA cause of all the LEO's you guy's have up there.
Very nice state with great roads though.
If you ever get down here in my country of E. Oregon give me a shout, I'd be happy to show you some GREAT roads down here.
Thanks for the compliment on the bike.

I live in the Salem area but I'm in Pendleton pretty much every weekend now days spending time with my Grandmother. I'd sure like to know where those nice roads are that you were talking about. My knowledge of that area is limited. I did make it up to the "rattlesnake" north of Elgin last year, best road I think I've ever been on! I'd like to know some that are in the Umitilla County area. Most of the places I've seen in that area are pretty straight...
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