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Buying my new Tenere this past Saturday.

"I'm giving you a helluva deal here! About the only thing I can add here, at this point, is a can of creamed corn..."

Never did get the creamed corn, which I'd have enjoyed, but I did get a very good deal on the new bike. :)

A bit later, while doing the delivery walk-around, he mentioned all these things the shop did to prep the bike. Naturally I asked if they lubed the spokes.

I did this with a straight face.

He responded by saying "If that's part of the normal prep, I can assure you it was done!"

Now, in fairness, while this was all fun, the saleman and I have a good relationship, so I did let him off the hook on the lubed spokes point... ;)

We both had a couple good chuckles when the guy from the shop comes back to report, quite loudly, on my FJR as a trade and the "work" it would need. Apparently when you put 3000 miles on a front PR2, it only has about 20% life left in least according to the doink from service... ;)

Salesman turned to me, equally as loud, and said "Looked like it had a hell of a lot more life left in it than that to me..." The funny thing is the rear PR2 was just starting to flatten along the centerline...which their "inspection" failed to turn up...LOL
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