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Interesting concept.. in theory. In human terms, to my mind too, it is somewhat a moving target just as you say OnAndOff. I have seen many people that seem rather resigned to their way of life than content or balanced. Not that they may not have aspirations, but just that they won't or can't get out of their comfort zone to pursue them and either postpone or never do it. And so these remain just dreams. For some would be too much of a sacrifice and understandable not possible. So they choose next best compromise. Worse, none at all. If it comes down to just finances, it is possible to work out a plan. But it will not be perfect or forever lasting to throw it all out and travel the world although I considered it. It's just a matter how many years of life I can buy as such. From my readings, I learned of few travelers that have managed to stay on the road for several years. Each had their own circumstances and none were same as others. After several years on the road, I reckon most would go on forever if funds were no issue. In fact it may be a whole new life which can completely change a person depending what or whom they encounter so talking about it in advance trying to see what to expect defeats the purpose of adventure. The way John has thought this out seems a balanced way, come to think of it would be for me too time wise. Travel part of the year then find a way to recharge. And this is where it becomes the point where one has to decide to accept uncertainty and reap the rewards of freedom however long it lasts.

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