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Yea, I was looking at those pegs yesterday. They are going to be dropped a couple inches. Don't know what I was thinking putting them up there.

As for being a tank, yes, the TL250 was a tank. I rode one back in the day all the way to the expert class. I could hang with my 305cc mod and some other geometry improvements of the day. But it wasn't until I switched rides to a Yamaha TY250, that I started winning in my class again. Now at my age and class I would be riding, I could use one of my Yamaha XS650s in the sections. It's just all about the project for me and If I can use it on the trails and in a trials occasionally, I'll be happy.

I remember doing 305 kits on my XL and TL 250's. They were new sleeve and piston kits. Haven't heard of using the 350 crank. Is it a straight swap using a 350 cam chain and cylinder spacer for the longer stroke? Or do you have to use a piston with higher wrist pin location? Powroll does a stroked crank then shrinks the con rod. But they are pricey. I want to do the 280cc piston at the least and would like to stroke too. If this 350 crank would work, I'll start combing e-bay ASAP.

The 350 crank is what was used on the 305cc works bikes, and yes a cylinder spacer is needed. The 350 wrist pin size is larger than the 250, so you would need to get a bush made if you choose to use a 250 piston.
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