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pack adjustment

I've landed back in Thailand with bike and Kriega bits and starting to get everything sorted. Since I'm short I've adjusted the R20 pack shoulder straps to differing positions suited up in my armor to determine the best fit.

When adjusting the shoulder strap to a spot that has the three dots on the shoulder strap centered in the plastic buckle I end up with an extra loop of strap material that I cannot get the harness to "suck up" (for lack of a better word) and it just hangs in the breeze.

I have looked at the fitting guide on the Kriega website and have yanked, pulled, pushed and slammed the pack against the straps both from the bottom of the traditional pack adjusters and above the Kriega shoulder strap length adjusters in an attempt to get the harness to take up the slack all to no avail.

This slack is on both left and right shoulder straps. When adjusted with one or two dots centered in the buckle I had no issues with extra slack. Any insight?
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