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I thought the timing end of the crank was supposed to be mushroomed over ? ...they all were in the '70's. That looks like a heavy crank; I think '61 was the lightest crank, and then they got heavier again. I used to be a light flywheel type, then I liked heavy, now I'm back to light...although that might just be an Airhead thing.

What are the books - engineering textbooks you'll never use again ? Or well read poetry?

I went to a twinshock trial yesterday...just for a look, get back some enthusiasm by saying the sections looked too easy. A TLR250 was there, and an even rarer RTL250, I need to get the TLR200 back in the mix. There was one TY175 - what a nice little machine they are. Slippery conditions, but he was having trouble keeping the front end down, something they tend to do.
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