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When thinking of tire management at the end of the race in regards of Lotus and Ferrari it's vital to understand that Alonso got brand new set of softs on his last pit stop. Kimi's tires were 6 laps used. Still Kimi could keep them performing all the way to the end. Alonso was superfast after his last stop on new tires but then faded (might have had an issue with fuel too which slowed him down).

Kimi was catching Vettel around 0.5 seconds a lap after he passed GRO. When GRO was 2nd and Kimi 3rd, they caught Vettel about a 1-3 tenths per lap. Maybe Lotus should have mayde the team order earlier so that Kimi could have had 1-2 more laps on Vettel. If he would have got DRS on Vettel earlier, he would have caught Vettel. DRS reduced lap time about 3 tenths per DRS zone so little over a half a second in one lap.
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