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Originally Posted by 100mpg View Post
I think you will get better mileage with some tires.
Looks good! I am don't like the swivel hitch but to each his own. The lower you can keep the box to the frame, the better off you will be. I think you can get away with some rubber mats if the box has any reinforcment where the bolt hole are, or, a 1"x3" running from front to back, either painted or use one of the under coat in a spray can. Won't rot or even get soggy and it will give you some strength.
If you haven't gotten the lights yet, LED's are the only way to go. SUPER bright and that is nice on the back of the bike at night.
Tires... Hmm.... I knew I forgot something.

I was undecided on the swivel hitch. For every person that said it's important another said not to use it. The deciding factor for me was getting the hitch and ball in my hand then looking at the lean angle, it just didn't seem like enough. The farther to the side the ball went the more it got tight and didn't want to move as freely.

LED's are sitting in the garage, tonights project is wiring.

Here's what I came up with to mount the box. There's a 1/2" wood spacer under the 2x4 to keep everything tight. The 2x4 is treated, spacer isn't. I'll have to keep an eye on it. I'm going to try to find some rubber to put between the box and 2x4, but if nothing good comes along it probably won't make much difference.

Tonight is wiring, put the hitch on the bike, road test, and clean the garage. It's had a few back-to-back projects in it, getting pretty rough.
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