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...they could buy the battery I did at retail, mark it up $20-25 and sell them all day long vs having excessively marked up stock junk clogging the shelves.
When I needed a battery for my 990, the one the dealer had was $249! Honda had the same Yuasa in stock, minus the KTM logo, for $139. I found one online for, IIRC, $115 delivered. I bought the Honda one because it was in stock, and told my dealer about the online place I'd found them, and also that they had a raft of Yuasa batteries at very low prices. Figured they could save money, sell batteries for less than anyone else in town, and still make a profit. Nope. "Oh, we don't do that. If it's outside of our regular suppliers we won't deal with them." Ummm, ok?
This is the same dealer that took a year to get me a new visor for the XD3 they sold me. I found one and forgot I had one still on order, until they called me. The summer after I ordered it. A year later.

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