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Originally Posted by BluRidgeRider View Post
It was fine until I got to the Boone/Valley Crucis area. Then I got dumped on big time. Water was running across the road and puddling up along the edges. Cars were hitting the pools and throwing up walls of water.

Had to take it slow until I got east of Boone and then it started clearing up.

Old NC 18 (on the way up) never fails to entertain.

Originally Posted by VStromNC View Post
We got dumped on Hwy 27 headed to old 18 around 11:00 or so. After that, it was clear majority of the day other than running into few drizzles here and there. Actually, the rain was cooling more than anything else. It sounds like we were ahead of you as we were home by 5:00pm.

I rode on lots of wet pavement but didn't get caught in any showers. But I took a good look at the radar in motion before setting out and didn't have a set route to follow....just tried to avoid the rain clouds.

Didn't ride old 18 this time out but did hit some new to me gravel on the way up and Golden Valley on the way back.

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