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Report from the KLRsys Garage

Well the latest masterpiece out of the KRLsys garage has made it back to my place in North Texas. I thought I'd post an update for those that have been following this build.

First off, I can never find the words to express my gratitude to KLRsys for the amount time, dedication, and general TLC he put into building this bike. So to Fritz (aka, KLRsys) my friend, a huge, huge Thank You! I don't know how this one ever gets repaid.

For those that have been thinking of visiting the KLRsys garage, I recommend it. You just can't appreciate the level of effort it takes to build one until you've been there and seen it yourself. The number of custom fabricated parts is significant, and each one requires care and attention to detail to get it right.

Speaking of getting it right. Here's the most impressive thing. I went to test ride the bike for the first time. ... and when I say "first time" I mean the very first time. No one had ridden the bike at all. It fired right up, then ran and rode perfectly. On this first ride I just wanted to stay close to the garage so I rode a few miles within the confines of the neighborhood. If something were to go wrong, I didn't want to have to push it too far to get it home. ... but nothing went wrong. Nothing! Zilch! Nada! No problems at all! No clacks, clinks or grinds. No wobbles or weird feelings. No electrical issues. No leaks. It worked perfectly right out of the box! I rode back to the garage and WE ADJUSTED NOTHING!!! It was perfect the way it was.

... again, I was mighty impressed!

After the test ride KLRsys and I went back to work finishing up the last few items on the list. Adding new grips, taller windshield, mounting the cruise control panel, and the most difficult... fabricating a skid plate.

It was working with KLRsys on the skid plate that I started to fully understand and appreciate the amount of time and attention to detail that goes into the custom fabrication on this bike. ... and there is a lot of it (did I say that already?). We finished up working on it just after midnight on Saturday morning. 42 days from start to finish.

Now I've got to get the bike packed up, prepped and ready for what is the shake down trip of a lifetime. The Barely Alaska Ride. I was really hoping to have more time in the saddle before we left on this trip, but as it stands, I've only put about 8 miles on the bike since build completion.

You know, I was just goofin when I said the shake down cruise would be the 350 mile section of the Barely Alaska Ride from my house to Amarillo, but it's looking like that may be the case.

... One last note, and surely the most important!
I want to extent a very special thank you to Mrs. KLRsys. Without her support and encouragement none of this would have been possible. I want to thank her for all the evenings she gave up with her husband while he worked on a bike for me. I want to thank her for the times she was running errands for KLRsys while he worked on a bike for me. Mrs KLRsys your sacrifice is recognized and deeply appreciated.

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