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Originally Posted by NSFW View Post
hey john and cary. great job getting out, up and away; very cool pics (and literally cool)....
Hey Joel, thanks for posting!
Enjoyed your solo KTM 350 report from Mamouth:

Plan to learn to pack the KLR lighter, and follow in your footsteps!

God bless Huell Howser!

see you on the trail,
-- SFMCjohn

Originally Posted by larryboy View Post
Uh oh, I'd better get up there!!

Put Donnell Lake on your list.

Hi larryboy!

Wow, cool dam ... much cooler than the dirt dam at Beardsley Res ...
Thanks for the tip, definitely going to try to find Donnell Lake ... only just
stopped at the overlook on 108 for the first time thanks to a tip from you ... funny
how I can ride by this stuff for years heading someplace else ...

Labor Day!

see you around the campfire,
-- SFMCjohn

Originally Posted by oldxr View Post
I ride up in that area sometimes-its not too far from Modesto.If anybody wants to ride send me a pm.The road into Leavitt Lake is actually part of the Pacific Crest hiking trail.If you walk up the hill on the road from the lake the marines train on an ice slope in the summer up there above the lake.The road above the lake used to be open about 3 or 4 miles more.I went in there last october and found out that sometimes it is illegal to have campfires at the lake because of fire danger.You have to check on the Toyabee National Forest website.There is a road about 1/2 mile east of the crest of Sonora Pass the runs toward Walker or comes back to hwy 108 through the front gate of the marine base.
Hi oldxr,

I'll try to remember to send you a pm next time we're camping up there ... it was fun to meet up with our friend Ryan around the campsite ... I'd say campfire, but we could not find any wood [easily] at Leavitt Lake, so we went without a fire ... which was fine, although I usually enjoy a campfire ... Thanks for the tip about the road to the Marine Base ...

see you around the cold fire-ring,
-- SFMCjohn
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