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What do you mean by sucks air on induction? I have a '74 TC100 and it runs great, but only with the side plate covering the carbs off. put it on and it will bog and die when you give it throttle. Carb is clean and gas is maybe its this induction?

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[FONT='Verdana','sans-serif']Yeah that's the way Mate. These lil Wounders will run and run and run and run. BUT if it sucks air on Induction Your Motor will run like crap. More than that it will trick you! Listen Mate just a Thought thatís possibly Piston Slap (the skirt slaps the bore) those marks under the port? Just check the little end bearing (in Piston) and the Big End (on Crank). All you have to do is see if the Piston Rocks sideways and also any movement up and down? Jam the Fly Wheel to check the latter. Are those Marks Blue in the Bore? If so, again poor Induction, or Bad Pipe (you have to clean them you know)? Or no oil, or Flogged-I've seen these Pull Fire Wood so I doubt it? I love this good on-yu. You will have fun. I wish I lived nearby. I'd love to Ride one again. Yeah 30 odd years and 40kilos on... [/FONT][FONT='Verdana','sans-serif'][/FONT][FONT='Verdana','sans-serif']Jim. [/FONT]
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