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Originally Posted by stevie88 View Post
Of course it is, but then again sliced bread is highly overrated. If E-15 frightens you so much, don't use it. Personally I wouldn't worry about using it in any auto designed for E-10.
So from there, "it's just 5%" up to e20, then 25, 30, 35, etc.

Ethanol has been shown countless times to cause issues.
Yes, if you design your engine to deal with the crap, you can make it so it doesn't catastrophically fail.
By the same token, you can design an engine to run on pretty much any fuel, check out the military multi fuel vehicles. You can run pretty much anything, BUT ethanol in those boys.

If I can find it, I run gas without ethanol. The more it's forced down our throat, the harder it gets to find it.
I've also bought e-0 from places, not gotten the results I expected, went back to test it and either found it had ethanol, or they'd taken the sign down saying it was ethanol free. (Telling me the gas I got wasn't ethanol free).
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