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I am still quite capable of doing my own braking. I've been practicing for over 40 years and nearly half a million miles. You can get killed doing anything. I don't want a computer controlling my bike. I don't like the idea of an automatic either, but if it comes to that or stop riding, the choice is obvious. But I learned to ride on dirt bikes, and locking the wheels to do slides and stoppies was part of the deal. The commercial for one of Honda's new bikes shows dirt bike style riding on the street. Obviously it does not have ABS. Yet everyone on this whole site wants one. But me.

I do wear seatbelts, mostly because it is a $250 fine around here if you get caught not wearing them. But, I also watched a cop burn to death when his Crown Vic was in a minor accident, caught on fire, and his seatbelt jammed. He probably had over 30 seconds to get out, but couldn't. It was a surreal feeling, hearing the ammunition in the car going off, knowing someone was dying in there. But the heat was so intense you couldn't get near the car. Hopefully he passed out from the heat and didn't feel anything afterwards. Seatbelts can save your life, or they can get you killed. Depends on the accident.

Information on the cop: He's the one in the middle, Rob Nielsen. I arrived on the scene less than a minute after the collision in a City of Chandler fleet services truck. The cop had passed me about half a mile back. I parked the truck in the road, turned on the amber beacon light, and ran toward the car, but it was to hot to get close to. Shortly after I heard the ammo going off. Witnesses who actually witnessed the accident said they thought he had time to get out. He would be alive today had he not been wearing a seatbelt.

If seatbelts save so many lives, why don't school buses have them? Are our kids not worth protecting? Why can you ride on a city bus standing up?

Back when I was 16, myself and a cousin also my age has been to a party out in the desert, drinking and smoking pot, and generally getting pretty messed up. I had my dad's car, a 1963 Rambler station wagon. We left the party at about 2:00 AM, driving back home on a dirt road I knew well. I had the pedal to the floor, so we must have been doing about 70. The headlights were not that great. We were not wearing seat belts. All of a sudden a sharp 90 degree right turn appeared in front of us. I knew about it, but never thought about it. I slammed on the brake and turned the wheel all the way to the right, trying to side around the curve, but was going to fast. On the left side of the road was a deep ditch, then a high bank. The car skidded into the ditch, rolled over, up the bank, and rolled over 2-3 more times out into the desert. It came to rest on it's wheels. As I remember it, the doors were jammed, and we crawled out the broken windows. We were cut and bruised, but not a single broken bone. By the time someone found us the next morning, the effects of the booze and pot had worn off, and we really hurt then. We were taken to the hospital, checked over, bandaged up a bit, and released. No serious injuries found. And we were tumbling around in that car like clothes in a dryer. I was much more concerned about what I was going to tell my dad than about my painful but minor injuries. Before the early '60s, cars had no seat belts. So most people probably wound up eventually getting killed in their cars, right? No, actually study after study has shown virtually no difference. My mistake was driving in the condition I was in, not failing to wear seat belts.

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