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Yep, I'm just the opposite...being an older guy, I had to get rid of the r1100r because it scrunched up underneath me to the point that they would cramp up within 10 miles...loved the bike, but couldn't really take the torture, even with footpeg lowering blocks.

Went to the Honda dealer today. He had two CTXs, one red, one black...the unfaired version (has a faired version still being put together from the crate). I found the seating position and leg position very comfortable. I'm not fond of the amount of plastic on the bike, since that means additional cost for servicing or having to take all that off to get to service points, but then, I ride a Honda Silverwing, so I guess I really can't complain a lot. The price is very reasonable...way less than a replacement SWing or a Suzuki Burgman...might have to give one of these some serious consideration...
Same situation as me. I have bad knees and shoulders (it is actually so bad that I'm retiring next year at 55, just can't handle being a mechanic 8 hours a day anymore) Having my legs all scrunched up underneath me, and a good part of my upper body weight supported by my arms due to low bars just kills my knees and shoulders. But I discovered the comfort of cruisers way back in 1980, when I got my first one, brand new, long before I wound up in this condition. I have a 34" inseam, so my knees are almost at a 90 degree angle on it. I can see how someone with a 29" inseam wouldn't like it. I've tried those WAY out front highway pegs, that leave your legs almost straight and unsupported. They hurt too. I also like the Silverwing riding position. A SW should last forever and never need to be replaced.
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