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Originally Posted by Turder View Post
Kimi was catching Vettel around 0.5 seconds a lap after he passed GRO. When GRO was 2nd and Kimi 3rd, they caught Vettel about a 1-3 tenths per lap. Maybe Lotus should have mayde the team order earlier so that Kimi could have had 1-2 more laps on Vettel. If he would have got DRS on Vettel earlier, he would have caught Vettel. DRS reduced lap time about 3 tenths per DRS zone so little over a half a second in one lap.
It seems to me that the Lotus suffers from the same problem as the Red Bull. Neither is a top speed car, they make their time in the corners. As a result, neither benefits from DRS as much as, say, a Ferrari or a Force India.

I feel that's why Grosjean wasn't able to pass Vettel despite being close for a number of laps. DRS simply didn't give him the help he needed, despite there being two DRS zones.

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