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Originally Posted by mr. thumbs View Post

upgraded powerband
new flux capacitor
3500 miles
The 'powerband' that like a rubber band for your motor? Does it make it spin faster?
And the capacitor...for time travel?

If I had an extra three grand lying around I'd take it off your hands. The newer ones are even better. Is that a red-head one?

On the '04 450/525EXC - not legally plate-able. Yeah, if you know someone at DMV that will perjure themselves you might get a plate, or if you get a dumb one and they do it by mistake. It does not have a federal EPA sticker.

CARB/DMV cut off all plating of non-road motorcycles as of the '04 year and model. 2007 was the first year that CARB issued a certification for hiway on the EXC's, and ONLY for the 450/525EXC - not MXC, not any other models, not the 250 either.
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