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Originally Posted by mwood7800 View Post
The seat will always suck, the BMW comm is awful a sena smh 10 is better and cheaper. When my BMW tank bag yellowed (1 yr) I bought a touratech and liked it better, almost 200$ cheaper. Nice looking scooter.
I think the seat comfort is dependent on so many issues. And I just don't like the Harley shaped seats that everyone wants. They're not good for the twisties.

As for the BMW Comm, it works better with BMW's bluetooth, you get to use the thumb controller to change volume and channels, and it fits cleanly into a Schuberth C3 Pro helmet.

Can you point me to the Touratech tank bags? The nice one is about the same price as the BMW version. And I hate that yellowing plastic. You'd think they have that figured out.
Doctor's orders. Have to give up bikes for a couple of years or so. I live vicariously through you all.
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