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We have a couple of bundles with the Oregon 600 that have a few mapping options, but we've not yet created a mount bundle. We'll be happy to, though, as I think that'd be a pretty good idea.

The BBQ/Open house will wait til we get our average temps under 110 degrees If you'd like, feel free to shoot me a PM and I'd be happy to arrange a time that you can check out the Montana and Oregons in person, too.

Just a general heads-up for a lot of you guys, Garmin's switching over to the 2014.0 DVDs, so they're in a backorder situation until they've gotten the shipments rolling. This will be around July 20th (current ETA from them), or possibly sooner. A lot of our bundles use the City Nav DVD, so this makes the whole item become a backorder item. If you'd prefer to buy the bundle at the discounted price and get a MicroSD card instead, we can make get that done, or we can ship the rest of the items and will just send the new City Nav when it comes in.

Just let me know if you submit an order and it's backordered and I'll make the arrangements. Thanks!


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Going through older posts and caught mention of a "Oregon 600 bundle". What does this include? I'm fixing to replace my tired and beat-up Oregon 200 and I'm going for the 600 as a replacement. The Montana would be nice for a bigger screen when I'm riding but the unit has to pull dual duty for hiking and the Montana would be a bit big to carry.

P.S. I'm another Vegas local. When's the BBQ/Open House? (I'll understand if you want to wait a bit for the temps to get a little cooler)
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