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Originally Posted by Brian_BKK View Post
After a great night eating and drinking at Tad Fane with lovely views..

It was indeed hard to leave.. We were up early, not sure what happened.. The time just went and breakfast turned in to lunch time..

Plus we had to fix up the bikes from the Sliders the day before..
Again bent my gear lever..

Doing my own repairs!! Still need to learn to change a tyre ;-)

One last view before we go..

We are really not leaving at the best time.. Gone mid day and heading up to Paksong and we still want to attempt the route down the Plateau to Route 18..

Refuel and leave Paksong at 1pm.

Go and check out the road works and see how far we can get and may be turn back or keep going. Depending on conditions...

We delve in a little deeper.. crickey.. Look at this mud..

That looks pretty sloppy and I really don't want to have to pull bikes out of mud for the rest of the afternoon...
Better walk it first and see if I disappear or make it to the other side...

One last look back in case this is the end

James has the rope handy to throw me and pull me out in case the Boolaven Plateau decides to swallow me whole

The Ubon Shogun decided we should proceed...

We make it to the other side.. I decide to go for a walk as far as I can in the distance to the dirt mound.

Give the signal that the other side is looking OK...

Looking back to where we came from.. The mountain being devoured by machinery

We have two choices to pass



With one looking slippery and dodgy as hell walking it..

Two was my choice.. Also good fun. When you are first.. You never know.. Will I sink, slide, etc etc..

Next is the Ubon Shoguns turn.

Yet again we attracted some attention.. We were probably the most entertainment the workers had for the month if not year to date.
They all came out and chatting and encouraging us to go on.. Every step of the way following up to the next part..

Then the road gets a better

Time to confess..
I am having serious reservations about getting down the Plataue before dark now.. We messed around here for around 45 mins 30 min..

James and I discuss the options and concerns. Then decide to push on for 30 mins and check out the conditions.
If OK we keep going if not, turn around and go back and start early the next morning..

Then with in 1 to 2 km we came to an abrupt end to the road works..

That 30 mins became a point of no return.. You can see the moss and it was so so so slippery.. When we reached the bottom.
We both knew we would not get back up easily at all.. so pushed on and it got a little better, then slippery as hell.

That is it.. We have to keep going as heading back is not an option...

More to come...
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