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Originally Posted by mwood7800 View Post
The seat will always suck, ... I bought a touratech and liked it better, almost 200$ cheaper. Nice looking scooter.

+1. The OEM seats on BMWs always suck. I wonder if Bangle also designs these...? The only years the BMW seats didn't suck were the ones where they outsourced them to Corbin. My '90 K75SA had an OEM Corbin and it didn't suck.

My RT has a Russell leather dual half-moon. It took 2000 miles to really break in, but now it's properly comfy. The only downside of a Russell is the looks. But then again it kinda fits the RT avant-garde-ugly style.

Tank bag - I use the Touratech Flat tank bag. Love it! I've modified the rear strap to use a standard fastex 1" clip on nylon straps instead of their velcro fitting. This allows me to quickly unclip the bag and take it with me, or just loosen the front clips and fold it back for refueling. The velcro on the top has faded to gray, but otherwise it's been a great alternative to the OEM bag.

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